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Roni Horn

Roni Horn

*  1955 New York

As photographer, drawer and object artist, Roni Horn counts among the biggest names of American contemporary art.
Roni Horn was born in New York in 1955. She grew up in the country near her native town. Roni Horn studied at the Rhode Island School of Design from 1972 to 1975 and completed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 1976 Roni Horn began her master studies at the acclaimed Yale University, from where she graduated in 1978.
Roni Horn moved into a studio in New York and initially was intensively occupied with drawing. Roni Horn had a strong interest in the relation between form and color in this medium, which led to a characteristic technique: Roni Horn cut her works on paper apart and put them back together in a new arrangement.
The 1990s brought forth Roni Horn's first three-dimensional works, geometrically arranged fields of graphite powder, strewn on the ground and over rubber mattresses laid above irregularities of the floor. In the late 1990s Roni Horn also made reduced sculptures of glass, that evoke associations of water or ice.
Photography also gained in importance for Roni Horn's work as of the 1990's. As photographer the artist is predominantly fascinated by Iceland: As early as in 1975, right after she had obtained her B. A., Roni Horn went to Iceland on a scholarship and has been fascinated by the country ever since, captivating her impressions in photographic series. These works are not only of a documentary character, they also follow a conceptual approach. The famous series "You are the weather" from 1994/95 consists of 100 slightly differing female head portraits placed side by side.
Works by Roni Horn are in possession of acclaimed international museums, such as the Essen Folkwang Museum, the 'Pinakothek der Moderne' in Munich or the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Roni Horn, who received the "AVA Award in the Visual Arts" in 1988, lives in New York and in Iceland's capital Reykjavik.