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Pieter Schoubroeck

Pieter Schoubroeck

*  1570 Lambrecht / Pfalz
† 1607 Frankenthal

The landscape painter Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) counts among the most important representatives of the mannerist Frankenthal School.
However, little is known about the artist's life. Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) was born at Lambrecht/Palatinate between 1570 and 1573. His father, Niclaes Schoubroeck, was a theologist and active as Calvinist preacher.
In 1581 the Schoubroeck family relocated to Mechelen where Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) began a painter's apprenticeship, his teacher was the fairly unknown Roment Verbiest.
From that point on records show a gap until 1586 when the father and the family were mentioned in Hessheim, but it is not clear whether Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) was also living there (and perhaps a student of Gillis van Coninxloo). Additionally, it can not be definitely said if Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) spent some time in Frankfurt am Main. It is assumed, though, because Hendrick Steenwyck and Maarten van Valckenborch, two Flemish painters, were active there and their style resembles that of Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck).
Documents deliver clear proof for Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) in Rome in 1595, where Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) saw works by Paul Bril and Jan Brueghel, which would coin his style. Afterwards he went to Nuremberg where Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) is recorded as of 1597.
At the end of the year 1600 he was active in Frankenthal again, where he lived and worked for the rest of his life.
Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) became known for his landscape works, which are not realistic views, but rather fantastic scenarios executed with a great love for the detail and with effectual lighting, for instance by depicting fire and moonlight.
In 1607 Pieter Schoubroeck (Pieter Schaubroeck) died at Frankenthal.