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Nguyen Manhkhan' Quasar

Nguyen Manhkhan' Quasar

*  1934 Hanoi/Vietnam

The Vietnamese designer Quasar was born Nguyen Manhkhan'n in Hanoi in 1934. In Paris, Quasar studied mechanical engineering from 1955 until 1958 at the École nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. In 1964 Quasar designed the prototype for a quirky little experimental car. The Quasar Unipower car consists in a cube of glass riding on mini-wheels, with sliding glass doors and inflatable plastic seats. This delightful little car was even produced in a limited edition in 1967/68 by the British firm Unipower. At the same time, Quasar was also hard at work designing furniture consisting of inflatable PVC skins, and the Collection Aérospace was born. Quasar developed a sofa, the "Relax" chaise longue, and modular elements as well as the "Apollo" and "Venus" inflatable armchairs. Some of these pieces consist of several air cushions. Others, like the "Apollo" armchair and the "Relax" chaise longue are simply a single skin - resembling in this respect the De Pas/D'Urbino/Lomazzi "Blow" armchair, which also dates from 1967. That year, 1967, Quasar also designed "Suspension Aérospace", a round pendent lamp made of white and transparent PVC. In 1966 Quasar even designed an inflatable living room. In 1969, this irrepressibly buoyant artist founded Quasar-France to make his inflatable objects.