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Malcolm Garrett

Malcolm Garrett

*  1956 Northwich/Großbritannien

Born in Northwich, Cheshire, in 1956, the British graphic designer Malcolm Garrett studied typography and graphic communications for a while at Reading University before transferring to Manchester Polytechnic to study graphic design. Malcolm Garrett launched his career as a commercial graphic artist by designing posters and record sleeves for Punk bands. The first published work by Malcolm Garrett is a sleeve in the Punk style for the Buzzcocks. In 1978 Malcolm Garrett opened Assorted Images, a graphic design studio, and worked for the music industry, designing record sleeves for Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Culture Club, and Phil Collins. By the mid-1980s, Malcolm Garrett had become increasingly committed to digital technology, discovering the multiple possibilities for designers, afforded by computer technology, in particular Apple Macintosh, as it steadily improved. Malcolm Garrett's graphic design studio was one of the first to replace the draftsman's table with the digital workstation. Malcolm Garrett was by now creating multimedia features for the CDs of such bands as Oasis, Eurythmics, and the Spice Girls. In 1994 Malcolm Garrett and Alisdair Scott established AMX Studios. In his capacity as creative director of a multimedia agency, Malcolm Garrett is a pioneer of interactive design and the new interactive media. The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol in use on the World Wide Web was extremely complex and at first user unfriendly. As a designer, Malcolm Garrett has played a major role in making the internet more user friendly and visually more attractive. He has created video conferencing and multimedia presentations for numerous firms. Another area to which Malcom Garrett and AMX are committed to is interactive television, which is being developed in Great Britain for the BBC and Sky.