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Kurt Weidemann

Kurt Weidemann

*  1922 Eichmedien

Kurt Weidemann was one of the most influential and important 20th-century typographers. Born in Pomerania (now part of Poland) in 1922, Kurt Weidemann served on the front in the second world war and was a prisoner of war in Russia. Then Kurt Weidemann finished an apprenticeship as a typesetter in 1950. Beteen 1953 and 1955 he attended the Stuttgart Art Academy. While still a student, Kurt Weidemann had a practice of his own and designed writing paper, logos and advertizing for firms. In 1964 Kurt Weidemann became a professor at the Stuttgart Art Academy and taught there until 1983. As a freelance graphic artist, Kurt Weidemann designed books for various publishers and continued to work in commercial art and as an advertizing consultant. In 1983 Kurt Weidemann was a founding member of the Wissenschaftliche Hochschule for Unternehmensführung, a management college, in Koblenz, where he taught verbal and visual communications until 1993. Kurt Weidemann created the signature look of numerous firms and institutions, including Coop, Deutsche Bahn, Merck, Shell, Porsche, Zeiss, and Aerospace. From 1987 Kurt Weidemann was a consultant for the Daimler Benz Corporation, for which he designed the proprietary Daimler Benz A-S-E typefaces. For the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Kurt Weidemann also designed Biblica (1979), a typeface that was later renamed ITC Weidemann. Kurt Weidemann taught at the Hochschule for Gestaltung affiliated with the Zentrum for Kunst- und Medientechnik (ZKM) in Karlsruhe from 1991 until 2000.