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Jakob Jensen

Jakob Jensen

*  1926 Kopenhagen - lebt in Kopenhagen -

The prolific and versatile Danish designer Jacob Jensen is a superstasr of Scandinavian industrial design. As head designer at Bang & Olufsen, he has played a paramount role in advancing the design of their audio equipment, ensuring since the 1960s that it has been as stunning to look at as it is technically sophisticated. Born in Copenhagen in 1926, Jacob Jensen attended the School for the Applied Arts in Copenhagen until 1952 before working as an industrial designer from 1952 until 1958 in the practice of Bernadotte & Björn. In 1959 Jacob Jensen in went to the US, where he and Richard Latham established a design practice in Chicago. During his Chicago period, Jacob Jensen also taught industrial design at the University of Chicago. In 1961 Jacob Jensen returned to Copenhagen and opened a practice of his own there. From 1964 Jacob Jensen was head designer at Bang & Olufsen, makers of high-end hi-fi equipment. Jacob Jensen is known for his signature Minimalist hi-fi equipment designs. In 1969 Jacob Jensen designed the "Beosystem 1200" hi-fi system, comprising a radio, amplifiers, a record player, and a tape recorder, which was awarded the Danish ID Prize for the superlative balance achieved here between consumer electronics and a handsome piece of furniture in its own right. In 1972 Jacob Jensen designed the innovative "Beogram 4000" record player, notable for its revolutionary pick-up technology. The "Beogram 1800" record player designed by Jacob Jensen and featuring an extremely flat plastic and brushed aluminium chassis dates from 1975. Jacob Jensen also designed for other firms, including Georg Jensen, for whom he created a stainless steel wristwatch in 1967. In 1972 Jacob Jensen designed the "E76" touch-button telephone for Alcatel-Kirk and, in 1979, an office chair for Labofa.