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Jacob Jacobsen

Jacob Jacobsen

*  1901 Oslo

The Norwegian engineer Jacob Jacobsen met the English motor vehicle engineer George Carwardine in the 1930s. In the "Anglepoise" lamp, Carwardine had developed an innovative workplace lamp, with a flexible, adjustible shade. Equilibrium is maintained no matter how the lamp arm is adjusted by springs fastened to each side that work on the force and counterforce principle of the human arm muscles. Jacob Jacobsen was so taken with the lamp that, in 1937, he secured the production rights for Scandinavia from Terry & Son, the firm that executed Carwardine's design. That same year Jacob Jacobsen designed a variant of the "Anglepoise": the "Luxo L-1" workplace lamp designed by Jacob Jacobsen operates on the same principle of tension maintained by springs on the lamp arm. However, Jacob Jacobsen upgraded both the form and the material of his variant of the lamp. And the "Panoramic" was a lamp model that featured a larger shade. In the 1940s, Jacob Jacobsen and his lighting firm, Luxo, enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the sales of workplace lamps in Europe and the United States of America. Luxo lamps are extraordinarily successful even today, with more than 25 million sold to date.