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Hans Sachs

Hans Sachs

*  1494 Nürnberg
† 1576 Nürnberg

Hans Sachs, a German lyricist, dramatist and master of the Carnival Plays was born as the son of a master in the field of shoemaking in Nuremberg on 15 November 1494. Sachs did an apprenticeship as a shoemaker from 1509 to 1511. After his apprenticeship, Hans Sachs took to the road for five years. From time to time he worked as an artist at the Royal Court of the Emperor Maximilian I in Innsbruck. In 1516 Sachs finally moved to Nuremberg. In 1520 Sachs became a master in the field of shoemaking and became an active guild member of the mastersingers. He was the mastersinger's chairman for a short period of time in 1555. Sachs created more than 6,000 works, for example doggerels, and became one of the most famous and most influent poets of the 16th century. He died on 19 January 1576.