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Gustav Freytag

Gustav Freytag

*  1816 Kreuzburg/Oberschlesien
† 1895 Wiesbaden

Gustav Freytag was born on July 13, 1816, in Kreuzburg, Upper Silesia, Prussia (today Kluczbork, Poland). Freytag's father was a doctor and was later elected as burgomaster in Kreuzburg. Until 1835, Freytag studied philosophy in Breslau and Berlin. He was an assistant professor at the University of Breslau from 1839 until 1847. The takeover of the "Grenzboten" began Freytag's career as a journalist. In 1854, Freytag was appointed court counselor by Duke Ernest II of Saxon-Coburg and Gotha. Freytag took part in the German-French war in 1870 and 1871 as a reporter in the headquarters of the Prussian crown prince. Gustav Freytag died on April 30, 1895, in Wiesbaden.