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Gilles van Coninxloo

Gilles van Coninxloo

*  1544 Antwerpen
† 1607 Amsterdam

Gillis van Coninxloo was born as the son of the printer Jan II van Coninxloo in Antwerp on 24 January, 1544. He was apprenticed to Lenaert Kraes and Gilles Mostaert. He made short trips to France and Italy. Afterwards he returned to Antwerp, became a member of the St. Lucas Guild and married Maeyken Robroeck. In 1595 Gillis Coninxloo emigrated to Amsterdam where he gained the Dutch citizenship and married for a second time. Coninxloo had a son with his second wife Geertgen van Eeden. Coninxloo became a member of the rhetoricians' association "Twit Lavendel". He died in Amsterdam on 4 January, 1607.