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Frans Hals

Frans Hals

*  1580 Antwerpen
† 1666 Haarlem

One of the most significant Flemish portrait painter, Frans Hals, was born in Antwerp between 1580 and 1585. His father was a draper in Antwerp. The artist was trained by the painter Carel van Mander until 1603. Hals became a member of the Saint-Lukasgilde (St. Lucas Guild), the painters guild of Haarlem, in 1610. In the same year he married to Anneke Hermansz. Their first son was born in 1611, the second in 1615. Hals had financial difficulties throughout his whole life. The painter married again in 1617 and had eight more children. The artist painted a myriad of single portraits of important personalities. Frans Hals died in Haarlem on 10 August, 1666.