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Erich Fritz Reuter

Erich Fritz Reuter

*  1911 Berlin
† 1997 Stolpe

Erich Fritz Reuter was born in 1911 in Berlin. He belongs to the most important sculptors of the period after World War II. After dropping out of the Kölln Gymnasium in Berlin Mitte, Reuter did an apprenticeship as a mason from 1926 until 1934. During his training, he became familiar with restoration work in castles and museums. Beside the apprenticeship, he attended the school of applied arts in Berlin Charlottenburg from 1926 to 1927. Reuter became highly active in a radical leftist youth organization with his brother and had to flee to Spain to escape the Nazis. At this time, he turned his back on politics and concentrated on his artistic development. He began studying at the Academy for Visual Arts in 1934 and ended his course of studies at the master's school for sculptors in 1940. His influences, Barlach, Lehmbruck, and Kolbe, can be seen in his works and artistic style. After the war, Reuter went to Dresden, then moved to West Berlin in 1949. There he had a professorship for figure sculpture at the Technical University of Berlin and educated up and coming architects. His abstract works were honored in 1953 with the first prize of the Association of German Art Critics. Moreover, he won various contests relating to architecture, noteworthy examples being those in Bad Kreuznach (1956), Wolfsburg (1957/1961), Giessen (1959), Rio de Janeiro (1960), Münster (1962), and Lagos (1962); he also created many portraits of actors and actresses. The first retrospective of Reuter's work was presented by Gallery Gattlen in Lausanne in 1966; not to forget is his bronze relief "Gegensätzliche Strukturen" ("Opposed Structures") in the audimax of the Technical University in Berlin, which was finished in 1963 and found its fame at the world exhibit in Montreal. Reuter spend two years in Istanbul beginning in 1966. After returning to Germany, he carried out the floor planning for the State Library and the Institute for Music Research from 1973 until 1981. For health reasons, Reuter moved to the rural area of Holstein and died in Stolpe in 1997.

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