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David Teniers (der Jüngere)

David Teniers (der Jüngere)

*  1610 Antwerpen
† 1690 Brüssel

David Teniers the Younger was born in Antwerp in 1610. The artist was trained by his father, David Teniers the Elder. In 1632/ 1633 Teniers the Younger was admitted to the Lukas Guild. David Teniers the Younger especially gained fame through his depictions of the rural milieu. The painter mixed in the best society. Tenier is the painter of the King and of the nobility, he himself would love to be part of. In 1637 Teniers married Anna, the daughter of Jan van Brueghels the Elder and thus gained access to Flanders' elite group of painters. Anna's legal guardian was Peter Paul Rubens. Teniers moved to Brussels in 1651. Among his ground-breaking achievements was the realisation of the "Theatrum pictorium" the first illustrated catalog of the archbishop's collection of paintings. The foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1664 was started by an initiative by Teniers. Teniers died in Brussels in 1690.