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Christoph Scheiner

Christoph Scheiner

*  1575 Mindelheim
† 1650 Neisse

Christoph Scheiner (1575-1650), a mathematician and astronomer, joined a Jesuit order in Ingolstadt where he later returned as a professor of mathematics and Hebrew. Various journeys brought Scheiner among others Rome. In 1617 Scheiner became the head of the Jesuit College in Neisse/Silesia. His major scientific work under the title Oculus hoc est fundamentum opticum (Innsbruck 1619) was one of the fundamental and ground-breaking publications on the physiology of the human eye in which basic findings including the term accommodation - still in use today - had already been incorporated. The summary of his examinations was published under the title Rosa Ursina sive sol ex admirando facularum suarum phaenormeno varius and dedicated to his patron, the Duke of Bracciano.