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Christian d'Orgeix

Christian d'Orgeix

*  1927 Foix/Pyrenäen

Christian d'Orgeix, born in Foix in Southern France in 1927, settled in the art metropo1is Paris in 1946. There he worked for an advertisement agency and a stage designer. The meeting with the French-German artist Wols and the conception of Klee's and Kandinsky's works influenced d'Orgeix' artistic development. D'Orgeix was strongly impresses by the Pre-Raffaelite style and William Blake's works, he saw during a trip to London in 1949. In 1950 a one year stay in Spain followed, where the first drawings came into existence. The pencil and pen and ink drawing series ‚La Barrière de Corail' shows the closeness to his role-models Klee and Wols in its fantastic-surreal style and the biomorph motif world. In 1951 d'Orgeix returned to Paris and widened his artistic spectrum with sculptures, which were also influenced by Surrealism and which refer to the beginnings of dadaistic object art. D'Orgeix constructed small sculptures from waste products, which took up the tradition of the ‚Objet trouvé' in their whimsical or magically poetic expression. In the 1960s d'Orgeix used everyday material, without employing them as media of alienation and assemblage-figures came into existence, which were often designed after mythological figures or historical people. In 1961 Christian d'Orgeix received an award for the large format oil painting ‚Réligieuse'. In his painting a surrealistic reality predominated as well, in which the human world, flora and fauna overlap. The works executed in oil, gouache and watercolour showed with their calligraphic line webs and the free use of colour similarities to the contemporary style of informel art, even though d'Orgeix did not slip to non-figurative abstraction. In 1990 d'Orgeix left Paris, moved to Southern France and lives today in Ales. Beside the participation in many group exhibitions in different countries, Christian d'Orgeix has been presented in one-man shows in several international galleries since 1955.