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Balthasar Ableitner

Balthasar Ableitner

*  1613 Miesbach
† 1705 München

Balthasar Ableitner counts among the most renowned artists of Bavarian baroque. The carpenter’s son Balthasar Ableitner was born at the Upper Bavarian town of Miesbach in 1613. In 1627, at the age of 14, Balthasar Ableitner moved to Munich to serve an apprenticeship with the carver and ducal court sculptor Christoph Angermair. Until 1633 Balthasar Ableitner remained Christoph Angermair’s docile student.
Balthasar Ableitner eventually spent the years between 1635 and 1642 in Italy on a scholarship. He was in Rome and perhaps in Venice, too. Back in Munich, Balthasar Abendleyttner completed his master in 1644. Between 1676 and 1680 Balthasar Ableitner was councilman for the Munich sculptors' guild, and his career soon took off. He received many court commissions, worked for duke Maximilian Philipp and awas promoted to court sculptor of duke Albrecht in 1652/53.
He was quite in demand as court artist and was very productive. He made the sculptural decorations for the electoral residence in the second half of the 1660s as well as busts of the electoral family. As of 1655 he also received church commissions.
The early works by Balthasar Ableitner still show the influence of a mannerist education, however, the sculptor soon attained a strong Bavarian baroque style. The design for the high altar in St. Peter in Munich (1682) delivers proff of this development.
Balthasar Ableithner, whose art was quite influential, died in Munich in 1705.