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*  448 v. Chr. in Athen 385 v. Chr. in Athen

Aristophanes was born in Athens in 448 B.C.E. The poet is considered one of the greatest dramatist of the Greek comedy. Little is known about his life. The adjective "aristophanic" is still used for utterances of brilliant wit and a satirical tendency. And so were Aristophanes' comedies. He continuously targeted contemporary personalities and events in his works. His protrayal of Cleon in "The Babylonians" in 426 B.C.E. brought him a charge of slander against the Polis, though the charge brought no results. His comedy, "The Frogs" (405 B.C.E.), was allowed a second performance at the Lenaia in 404 B.C.E., which was a great honor. He was promoted to archon by lot in the year 390 B.C.E. The only portrait we have of Aristophanes is a double bust with Menander, which can be seen in the museum in Bonn. The dramatist died in Athens in 385 B.C.E.

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