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Arent de Gelder

Arent de Gelder

*  1645 Dordrecht
† 1727 Dordrecht

Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder) is regarded one of the most gifted representatives of the Rembrandt School.
Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder) was born at Dordrecht in 1645, where he had first lessons in art with Samuel van Hoogstraten, before he changed to the studio of Rembrandt in Amsterdam. Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder) stayed for about two years with Rembrandt, presumably between 1661 and 1663.
In the following Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder) settled in his native town for good and ran a small studio, however, it seems as if he did not teach himself. Next to painting, he was involved with the vigilantes, documents show that Arent de Gelder began as standard bearer in 1685, between 1689 and 1692 he was lieutenant and finally, until 1696 he was captain. He did not find a wife in his home town. Documents prove that he was living with his brother in 1711.
Rembrandt, despite the short duration of the apprenticeship, had great influence on Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder). According to Houbraken, Rembrandt and Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder), collected all sorts of items and art objects which they depicted in their paintings. And Rembrandt´s style, of course, had strong influence on Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder) , especially the broad stroke of the brush characteristic of later years.
Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder) made numerous religious subjects, often in a very own expressive interpretation. He, the eternal bachelor, was quite fond of strong female figures from the bible. Splendid costumes were a field in which he could try out flashing light reflexes and rich coloring.
Arent de Gelder (Aert de Gelder), one of Rembrandt´s most important students, died at Dordrecht in 1727.