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Archibald Knox

Archibald Knox

*  1864 Isle of Man/Großbritannien
† 1933 Isle of Man

The British designer Archibald Knox is viewed as the founder of the Celtic Revival since his motifs of choice were Celtic ornamental forms such as interlacing, crosses, and knots. Born on the Isle of Man in 1864, Archibald Knox attended the Douglas School of Art there from 1878 until 1884, becoming an instructor at the Douglas School after finishing his studies. In 1897 Archibald Knox went to London, where he started out designing metal objects with Christopher Dresser for the Silver Studio, suppliers for, among others, Liberty & Co. From 1898 Archibald Knox worked directly on commission for Liberty & Co, designing metalware, materials, and carpets as well as the enormously successful metalware and jewelry ranges "Cymric" in silver and "Tudric" in pewter, decorated with Celtic motifs. From 1900 Archibald Knox again lived for some years on the Isle of Man but returned to London in 1904 to teach at several art colleges as well as Kingston Polytechnic. In 1911 Archibald Knox and several former pupils founded the Knox Guild of Craft and Designs, which was in existence until 1939. Archibald Knox spent the year 1912 in the US, designing carpets for Bromley & Co. In 1913 Archibald Knox returned to the Isle of Man for good and spent most of his time painting. For Arthur Lasenby Liberty, the founder of Liberty & Co, Archibald Knox designed a gravestone in the Celtic Revival style in 1917.