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*  Mitte 6. Jh. v. Chr. Phrygien

Aesop, a Greek fabulist (also called Aisop, Aisopos, Aisopus or Aesopus) lived around 600 B.C. The greek slave is said to come from Phrygia. All that has been handed down about his person is based on legends and sagas. Supposedly, Aesop was very close to the people. The esprit and hilariousness he used in narratives helped him to convey his wisdom. After he had served several masters, the poet was apparently released by Ladmon from Samos and subsequently came to the court of King Croesus. King Croesus, who was thrilled by Aesop's intellectual esprit sent him on several missions. On one of these missions to Delphi, Aesop is reported to have been murdered by priests because of blasphemy. European fables developed from Aesop's legacy.