Sale: 495 / Post War / Contemporary Art, Dec. 07. 2019 in Munich Lot 1094

Hannah Höch
Balsamine mit Tannenbaum, 1978.
Post auction sale: € 4,500 / $ 4,950
Lot description
Balsamine mit Tannenbaum. 1978.
Collage. Colro offset, collaged and originally laid on light board by the artist.
Verso inscribed with a personal New Year's greeting, there signed, dated and titled. 15.8 x 10.4 cm (6.2 x 4 in).
The collage uses an art post card of the artist's work "Die Puppe Balsamine" from 1927, which Hannah Höch modified with a collaged Christmas tree and used it as a greting on occassion of the new year 1977/78. [CH].

PROVENANCE: Private collection Berlin (obtained as New Year's greeting directly from the artist).
Private collection Rhineland (acquired from aforementioned).


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