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Lowbrow Art / Pop Surrealism

Lowbrow Art is an art movement which developed within Californian subculture, outside of the established gallery- and museum scene. Influential references in this context are, among others, the tattoo- and comic scene. The Lowbrow Art's world of imagery is nurtured by an intensive examination of anime, psychedelic music, horror films and science fiction. Against this background, paintings, drawings, object and media art is made using motifs from pop culture in a creative way, full of exuberant details and always with a great deal of humor. With its quotations of predetermined visual references, the Lowbrow movement can be located in the context of contemporary figurative tendencies of the 1990s.
Even though Lowbrow Art officially constituted itself as a movement with the release of the magazine "Juxtapoz" as late as in 1994, its roots go back to the mid 20th century. Ed "Big Daddy" Roth (1932-2001), father of the comic figure "Rat Fink", which was an important image for Lowbrow Art.
Among the best-known Lowbrow artists are Anthony Ausgang, Joe Coleman, Georganne Deen, Camille Rose Garcia, Stacy Lande, Manuel Ocampo, Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr and Robert Williams. At times the term "Pop Surrealism" is used synonymously for Lowbrow Art.

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