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Data Protection Regulation
Status October 2013
This document describes a data protection regulation that is applicable to the following: Ketterer Kunst GmbH & Co.KG
Joseph-Wild-Str. 18, D-81829 Munich
HRA: 46730 (Registration Court at the Munich Municipal Court)
VAT Id.: DE 129 989 806
General Partner: Experts Art Service GmbH
HRB: 117489 (Registration Court at the Munich Municipal Court)
Managing Director: Robert Ketterer
Tel.: +49 89 55244 0
Fax: +49 89 55244 166
Ketterer Kunst GmbH
HRB: 48312 (Registration Court at the Hamburg Municipal Court)
VAT Id.: DE 118 535 934
Managing Director: Robert Ketterer
Tel.: +49 40 374961 0
Fax: +49 40 374961 66

Sphere of application This data protection regulation lays down procedures for handling your personal data for services offered by us and used by you.
Under this regulation, you grant us permission to collect, store, use and pass on your personal data for the purposes described in this regulation within the framework of applicable statutory regulations (such as the BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz = German Federal Data Protection Act)).
We are entitled to amend this data protection regulation at any time by publishing amended regulations (in the auction catalog, through posters in the auctioneering house, etc.) as permitted under the statute.
What is personal data? Personal data is detailed information regarding the personal and/or factual circumstances of a determinate or determinable natural person. It does not include data regarding companies, associations and groups of persons, if such data does not concern individual determinate or determinable persons (managing directors, shareholders, proprietors, etc.). Personal data is protected under the German Federal Data Protection Act to the extent it is processed, used or collected for this purpose during the use of data processing systems or to the extent it is processed, used, or collected for this purpose in or from automated files, namely all stored personal files or data collections, independent of their form and the nature of processing. Collection, storage, use, passing on In deciding to provide us personal data, you agree that the data will be transmitted and stored on our servers or other storage media. In particular, we are authorized to collect and store the following personal data:
  • Email address, other contact data such as name, address, profession, date of birth, etc., as well as financial information such as credit card or bank details, if these are required for financial transactions;
  • Shipping data, invoicing data and other information provided by you for purchasing, bids, or other services provided by our firm or for the shipment of an object;
  • Transaction data based on the operations described above;
  • Other information we may request, such as for authen­tication purposes (examples: copy of identity papers, commercial register extract, invoice copy, replies to additional queries, that we may need in order to check your identity or the status of ownership rights of an object offered by you);
  • Other supplementary third-party information (for example, if you contract liabilities with us, we are in general entitled to have your creditworthiness checked through a credit bureau within the legally permitted framework).
By signing this data protection regulation, you are consenting to our use of your personal data for the following purposes and their publication if required for the same.
  • The provision of services and customer support as desired by you;
  • Passing on to service providers appointed by us for order processing exclusively for this purpose (for example, a forwarding agency may be appointed to ship goods/informational material to you. This forwarding agency must have your name, address, and details of the goods or information material to be shipped);
  • Payment processing;
  • Prevention, assistance in exposing and investigating possibly prohibited or illegal activities, especially to support investigation authorities in cases of suspected criminal offence, copyright violations, unauthorized transactions etc.;
  • Information about services provided by our firm and companies on the art market that are closely associated with our firm, targeted marketing, and promotional offers, on the basis of your profile;
  • Marketing-related communications by fax, post or email (which you can revoke at any time by sending a brief notification to Ketterer Kunst GmbH & Co.KG, Joseph-Wild-Str. 18, D-81829 Munich, or to Ketterer Kunst GmbH, Holstenwall 5, D-20355 Hamburg or by email to:;
  • Assessment, review and enhancement of our services, contents and advertisements;
  • Third party reconciliation of the data to ensure completeness/correctness and verification of the data;
  • To verify your address and credit worthiness, we are entitled to approach credit bureaus such as Schufa, Creditreform and others for information regarding your address and creditworthiness details, including data computed on the basis of mathematical/statistical procedures (scoring), in compliance with relevant data protection provisions (BDSG, especially § 28 b BDSG);
  • Negative data that arises during the business relationship and that allows a reliable conclusion of insolvency or unwillingness to pay on the part of a customer will be passed on to the credit bureaus along with name and address. This data is then incorporated into the credit report providing the credit information files to companies with a legitimate interest;
  • Passing on to other third parties to whom your data is sent with your explicit consent or at your request.
Review, modification and deletion of your personal data, revocation You have the right to obtain information about personal data stored with us at any time, including the source of the data and its recipients, as well as the purpose of data processing. You are entitled to request that your details be amended, supplemented or deleted. Please note that your right to delete personal data may be limited if the data is obtained from publicly accessible records. You may revoke this consent, and with it the right to use, process and pass on your personal data at any time with prospective effect if such use, processing and passing on is subject to approval. Please send your questions and/or your revocation in writing, by fax or email to Ketterer Kunst GmbH & Co. KG
Joseph-Wild-Str. 18
D-81829 Munich
Fax: +49 89 55244 166
or to Ketterer Kunst GmbH
Holstenwall 5
D-20355 Hamburg
Fax: +49 40 374961 66
This shall not affect statutory provisions and your right to delete or block personal data under § 35 BDSG.
This data protection regulation is available in both German and in English. The German version shall be authoritative at all times, and German law shall apply exclusively in interpreting and arriving at the significance of the terms used in this data protection regulation.
-End of data protection regulation-