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Hans Baldung gen. Grien

Hans Baldung gen. Grien

*  1484 Schwäbisch Gmünd
† 1545 Straßburg

Hans Baldung, called Grien, was born in Schwäbisch Gmünd in Swabia in 1470. Baldung's parents moved to Strasbourg a few years after he was born. He was trained by a Strasbourg master. In 1503 he went to Nuremberg where he worked four years as an apprentice and the favorite student of Albrecht Dürer. In 1509 Baldung became a citizen. From 1512 to 1516 the artist created his main work, the altar in the Cathedral in Freiburg. Alongside this altarpiece, there are about 100 additional paintings by Hans Baldung still available today. In 1553 Baldung finally returned to Strasbourg where he became the court painter of the bishop and member of the great town council. Baldung died as respected and wealthy artist in September 1545.