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Christian Kruck

Christian Kruck

*  1925 Hamburg
† 1985 Frankfurt a. M.

Christian Kruck was born in Hamburg in 1925. Kruck was educated as a lithographer before he began his studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Nuremberg in 1942. He later moved to Freibourg, where he completed his education in 1950. He then moved back to Hamburg. In 1953, Kruck found a position at the Städel school in Frankfurt am Main. He dedicated is works to landscapes. Kruck took many long trips to Italy before he was appointed to a teaching position at the Pratt Graphic Arts Center in New York. The artist returned to Frankfurt am Main in 1970 to lecture on print graphics at the Städel school. In 1975, Kruck received the Senefelder Foundation Prize and in 1983 the Daniel Henry Kahnweiler Prize. Kruck died in 1985 in Frankfurt.